The Modern Women

Posted by TJ Aneca Tobi Schutz on

Just because some of us ladies today are not cooking up a storm, making bread from scratch, pressing our laundry, having 20 kids, working in the field or chopping chickens heads off.. doesn't mean we don't have our fair share of work to do these days!

The modern lady, I think sometimes has more pressure, and a greater work load then ever before.  The pressure to keep up now a days is plain and simple STRESSFUL.......

We are expected to look amazing, go to Yoga, have a clean nicely decorated houses like the pictures on pinterest, eat healthy, pick up the groceries, run the kids to all their sports and activities, volunteer and still at the end of the day make time for our "husbands" needs (eye roll) ;)

I know I find myself some days, not always... just wondering what it would be like to not have to wear all the different hats that keep todays life rolling along.  

I know many would say we do it to ourselves, and if we want things to change then just stop doing them... Easy to say, right ladies???  Just with the cost of living today not very many women even have the option to stay at home any more. 

I think this is part of the inspiration of The Urban Farmwife.... We want the modern day wife/women to look again for the simple things.  We want them to be surrounded with the things that resemble the past, stuff maybe they seen in grandmas house, and that just say relax, give them comfort, allow them to unwind, and be free from stress, even if just for a few moments when they walk into a room, or put on that new outfit.

We have worked hard to find treasures for the Home, as well as a Clothing  & Accessory line, that will bring you back to a place of peace, serenity and simplicity..

Together we want to bring the treasures of the past back to life with a modern urban spin.  We want Farmwife from the past reinvented to fit today...

Welcome to The Urban Farmwife